Customers' Comments

We got the dispensers, they are amazing! Your art work is incredible! Quite a resemblance! Thanks so much for sending them. I’ll do my best to get pictures for you and I’ll let you know how the taping goes. Thanks again for the hard work.
Marianne The Graham Norton Effect

Thank you so much for the PEZ dispensor. My dad loved it, it looked just like him. He is a big PEZ fan and has many dispensors. After I gave him the one you made he said he wasn't going to buy anymore because he couldn't get any better than that. You are very talented. Thanks again! Sarah

Our Pez collector friend was blown away by this very special gift.
Thanks so much and thanks for your extra assistance in making this such an incredible gift! The Slushers

You are a genius! Great work on the head!! Thanks for doing such a great job. K.H.

Thank you SOOOO much. I am so thrilled and my husband will be also.
Thank you, thank you, thank you. Karen

Hi Jay, My wife loved the personalized PEZ. Great job, and thanks for making sure
it got here on time.

All the best to you and yours for the holidays. Something makes me think
you and the Express Mail folks get to know each other very well during this
time of the year.

Jay- I just received the Pez dispenser. It looks great!!
Thanks a lot and have a great Holiday.
W. S.

Thank you so much for the work you did on the PEZ. Everyone at the wedding
commented on them and asked who to contact if they are interested; so I gave
your web-site information to them. R.G.

Just a short note to thank you for the wonderful job you did on my two pez creations. I am sure my sister in laws will just love them. They have both been collecting pez dispensers for years so I think this will be a nice surprise. Thanks again, you did a wonderful job.
Best of Luck, B.B.

We received it just now, right in the nick of time for the birthday lunch. It looks great, we showed everyone around the office! Allison

My Pez arrived today.....looks wonderful.....thank you....Sheila

Received it looks great! Thanks so much, again. Danny

You're a master! The bobblehead arrived and it is PERFECT! The profile is
what is especially amazing. Noreen

Thank you for the Pez, I LOVE it!!
Did you want a picture for your web site? Eileen

"Your product is not just amazing but fun and cool" Y.L.

Everyone in the office LOVES your website and Pez Dispensers!!! Jill

My fiance and I love the wedding pez. M.S.

I was pleased with my personalized pez! It was great. Chris

Thanks again for the great job. You're probably going to be
hearing from a few people here at work. They loved what you did. Leigh

Sure loved my pez I received for christmas. I keep forgetting to
send you a pic of "us". People say it is amazing. Peter

PEZ arrived safely and we just love it. Kent will be so surprised.
Thanks. Sue

Thank you so much for the great job you did on Mathew's Pez dispenser. I wish you could have seen
his face on Christmas morning. He thought it was sooooo cool. He has showed it to everyone. Dianne

Just got back from Colorado and my brother's 50th birthday party. I thought you might want an update.
He was thrilled (and stunned) by his Pez dispenser. He said it was an extremely odd feeling to
open a box and see yourself atop a Pez dispenser. Everyone at the party thought it was the coolest thing!
Thanks so much for the wild success my gift to my brother tuned ou to be! Sally